The  Sports  University of Tirana successfully conducted training with college students from May 23–25, 2023, as part of the rollout of the pilot module “Innovation Camp on Entrepreneurship” of  the  ERASMUS+ CBHE #ENTRAL Project. Trainers  Prof.Asc.Dr. Juel Jarani  and  MSc. Blerina Mema  conducted  this training  module, along with  MSc. Lumtor Shkreli, an entrepreneur and member …

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UST students volunteered their time to assist with #TIRANATHLON, a third  consecutive  year that  the Greek  Embassy in Tirana and the Municipality of Tirana have brought this international  event to the Albanian capital as part of  Tirana’s bid  to  become the European City of  Sport in 2023.

The process of Internationalization

Prof. Johnny Padulo  from  the  Department of  Biomedical  Health  Sciences at  the University of  Milan, Italy, visited the Sports University of Tirana on May 25 and 26, 2023, as part of the internationalization  process  and  at the invitation of  the  Rector, Prof. Dr. Agron Kasa. The focus of the  first meeting  between  Prof. Padulo  and …

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Exploring Diversity

In  Pristina, Republic  of Kosovo, from May 15–19, 2023, the employees of the Sports University  of  Tirana  participated  in  the international  week  “Exploring Diversity” organized by  AAB  College. This  event  included  numerous  universities  from  Belgium, Austria, Poland, France, Lithuania, and Albania, and its main goals were to increase global cooperation, foster staff , student exchange …

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Balkan International Conference of Sports Sciences

The 8th  Balkan  International Conference on Sports Sciences, which is being co-organized by the  Sports  University  of  Tirana, will  have  its opening ceremony from May 17–19, 2023, close to the University of Tetovo in the Republic  of  North Macedonia.   The SUT  Rectorate  supported  the  participation of four students from the Faculty of Movement  Sciences: …

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International  Days  conducted  by  the  Hungarian  University of Sports  Sciences  in  Budapest

The  photo  album  of  the  International  Days  conducted  by  the  Hungarian  University of Sports  Sciences  in  Budapest, which  focused  on  taking  real  measures of collaboration in: Programs for collaborative studies. European scientific research Students and  staff Increasing Realization of  sporting  and  recreational

SUT Delegation visiting Poland for a Internationalization Process

As part of  the  internationalization  process, Prof. Dr. Agron KASA, rector of  the  Sports University of  Tirana, and  Prof. Dr. Robert  ÇINA, dean  of  the  faculty  of  rehabilitation sciences, are  visiting  Poland  on a working  visit. During  this  visit, Prof. Dr.  Agron Kasa,  rector  of  the  Tirana  Sports  University, and  Prof. Jozef  Pilsudski, rector of …

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