Msc. Mirlinda Galushi

Msc. Mirlinda Galushi was born in Diber. She is married, has a son and a daughter.
Mrs. Galushi graduated in Business Administration, Department of Management, in 1998, at the University of Tirana, also completed a second level Master of Finance – Accounting, in 2010.
In October 2017, Ms. Galushi was appointed Administrator at the Sports University of Tirana.
But her experience at the Sports University of Tirana (former AEFS “Vojo Kushi, ILKF ‘Vojo Kushi” begins earlier in 1999 with the position of Chancellor, a position she held until September 2017.
During her work experience of more than 22 years at UST, she has covered other important functions and tasks such as: member of the Senate – representative of the administrative staff (1999-2016), chairwoman of the Ethics Council (2008-2011 ) and then a member of the Ethics Council (2011-2013; 2017-2020).
During the period 2006-2021 it has been a member of international projects funded by the European Union such as: Sport Science Curricula in Albania & Bologna Process, Reforming AEFS “Vojo Kushi” in the range Sports University Science, Harmonizing Sport Science Curricula in the Balkans in the EU Perspective ”, SPEED – Education, Employment and Development in the Balkan Region, TEAVET, EntrAl.
Mrs. Galushi has been and continues to be part of the working groups for drafting the strategic documentation of the university and in the period 2010 onwards she is a member of the Editorial Board of the Magazine, Focus UST.
During the period 1999-2021 he has participated in various trainings at European universities and other professional trainings in the field of management, as well as in various national and international conferences, where in some of them there have been references in the field of financing and higher education management. Also, during this period there are studies in the field of management and financing of HEIs.
Outside the Sports University of Tirana, Mrs. Galushi has been an external collaborator for the drafting and description of professions in the framework of Albanian qualifications and in the working group in drafting the guide for the description of professions, and has collaborated with the Albanian National Olympic Committee, as a part-time lecturer in the field of human resource management and budget.
Mrs. Galushi is fluent in English and Italian.


Phone +355 4 2226652