1. The 8th  Balkan  International Conference on Sports Sciences, which is being co-organized by the  Sports  University  of  Tirana, will  have  its opening ceremony from May 17–19, 2023, close to the University of Tetovo in the Republic  of  North Macedonia.


  1. The SUT  Rectorate  supported  the  participation of four students from the Faculty of Movement  Sciences: Marina Martini, Kejsi Tafili, Ambër Ursi, and Klevi Agalliu  in the “8th  BALKAN  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SPORTS SCIENCES,” held on  May 17–19, 2023, near the University of  Tetovo, Republic  of  North  Macedonia, and co-organized by the Sports University of


  1. References to our  academic  and  research-scientific staff’s scientific works were made during the  8th  Balkan  International  Conference  of  Sports Sciences, held on May 17-19, 2023, near the University  of  Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia, and co-organized by the Sports University of Tirana.


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