Information about the library

Mrs. Manjola Xhaxho
Sector / Branch of the Scientific and Digital Library
The Library of the Sports University of Tirana is the oldest sports library in Albania. Like other university libraries, it’s mission is to support the teaching process at the university by serving the students and professors of the university. This library marks its beginning in 1961, the year in which the Higher Institute of Physical Culture was established “Vojo Kushi”. The initial fund of the library was the fund of the Technical College of Sports. The fund of the Library of the Sports University of Tirana contains various materials such as books, newspapers, magazines, dissertations, micro-theses, audiovisual material, atlases, etc. The library fund is continuously enriched by SUT pedagogues as well as by various projects. The Tempus project “Sport Science Curricula in Albania and the Bologna Process Tempus JEP Sept 2006 – Aug 2008” has enriched the library with various materials, all literature contemporary sports of various sports such as: (volleyball, football, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, tennis, dance, etc.), medical field, scientific research, sports management, etc. The library collection is bibliographic scientifically processed according to international standards by used Anglo-American Cataloging Rules AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules), Decimal Classification System, UDC (Universal Decimal Classification Rules), International Bibliographic Description Rules, ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) of OPEN SOURCE systems.

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