Project Title: Entrepreneurial skills for a modern education in Albania

Project Acronym: EntrAl

The EntrAL project aims to increase entrepreneurial awareness in Albanian Educational Institutions (HEIs and schools) to support graduates' skills that match the demands of working life and modern society.


General Objective

The overall objective of the project is to increase entrepreneurial awareness in Albanian Educational Institutions (HEIs and schools) to support graduates' skills that match the demands of the labor market and modern society. For this reason, the project aims to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the university and school levels by encouraging entrepreneurial teaching methods, fostering entrepreneurial behavior from students and supporting the creation of new enterprises.


Specific Objectives

  • Implementation of entrepreneurship in the existing U3M-AL and TEAVET centers for the lifelong teacher qualification process and the third mission in accordance with the needs of teachers;
  • The use of specialized teacher training centers created in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Education and Culture to increase the entrepreneurial mindset at the national level through accredited training of teachers in entrepreneurship;
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial thinking at the institutional level through teacher training and entrepreneurship camp;
  • Establishing the expertise and new standard of teacher training in entrepreneurship in Albanian universities and schools through the organization of seminars in Albanian universities and training visits to European universities;
  • Development of a training course for teachers and a camp for students using scientific methodologies, pedagogical issues, ethics and the use of ICT in teaching;
  • Applying for credits in a 2-credit training course and identifying tools to support the training and course process;
  • Development of digital structures (tablets, maintenance of existing equipment, camera, etc.) in Albanian universities that support entrepreneurial activities for the qualification of teachers and their lifelong learning skills;

Project Results

  • Report of needs analysis
  • Teaching material, syllabus, ILO of courses on entrepreneurship
  • The memorandum of understanding that forms the Albanian Entrepreneurial Network between the partner universities
  • Pilot course in entrepreneurship for university teachers
  • Pilot course in entrepreneurship for pre-university teachers
  • Pilot course on entrepreneurship for students
  • Handbook on pedagogy and teaching methods on entrepreneurship
  • International conference

Newsletter No. 1 
Newsletter No. 2 
Newsletter No. 3

Staff of the University  participating in the next meeting of the EntrAL Project in Vlora (06 – 07/09/2022)

Staff of the University participating in the WORKSHOP that took place in Dublin, Ireland (30 – 31/03/2022)

Photos of the facility and equipment received within the EntrAl project

Photo from training visit to Turku, Finland – Innovation Camp, EDUCITY and EDUCARIUM University of Turku, Finland (9 – 11/11/2021)

Photo from the seminar "Towards an Entrepreneurial Mind"
Shkodër, Albania (20-21/04/2021)

Photo from the project's online monitoring visit (13/07/2021)