The Scientific Session titled “Physical Activity, Health, and Sports Performance” was organized by the Sports Scientific Research Institute at SUT today, July 11, 2023.

This session’s framework was separated into three panels, as follows:

Panel I

  1. Sports Performance
  2. Physical education

Panel II

  1. Health and Physical Activity
  2. Sports for fitness, enjoyment, and adventure
  3. Sports and Tourism Management


Panel III

  1. Movement Rehabilitation
  2. Sports Physiotherapy

Following the welcoming remarks of Prof. Asc.Dr. Arben Kaçurri, Director of IKSHS, and Prof. Dr. Argon Kasa, Rector of SUT, the academic and scientific research team continued with the presentations of scientific papers and prepared posters.

It is also worth mentioning the participation of certain master’s students who created posters as part of their studies.


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