On April 26 and 27, 2023, a meeting with representatives of  MAGI EUREGIO was held to discuss the advancement and outcomes of the scientific cooperation project between SUT and Italian partners, in accordance with the cooperation agreement between MAGI EUREGIO and the Sports University of Tirana.

In the joint meeting of the responsible staff of SUT directed by Prof. Dr. Gift Bozo and the Italian representatives led by Dott. Matteo Bertelli, President of  MAGI-EUREGIO discussed:

  1. Next steps of project implementation.
  2. Possibilities for topical and temporal expansion.
  3. Interest in extending the institutions’ cooperation agreement as well as in identifying more, relevant study fields that have never been explored or conducted in our nation previously.


During this visit, a scientific conference was held with the involvement of the academic staff of the Sports University of Tirana, notably the new staff and PhD candidates, with two primary presentations on the impact of physical activity on physical health and illness prevention:


  • Michele Samaja: “Cardio- and cerebroprotection induced by exercise and its analogues” as well as a practical example of study data elaboration.
  • Giuseppe Marceddu: “Discussion about Polygenic Risk Score in Lymphedema, Lipedema and Anorexia”.

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