The third day of the lifeguard training course for delivering first aid at sea was completed today by National Emergency Medical Center in collaboration with SUT (Sports University of Tirana). Participants in this event were SUT students, professors, and fitness instructors.

One of the most common reasons for head and cervical spine injuries is falling, whether it be from a height or from the ground or a swimming pool.To protect the patient from irreversible harm, spinal immobilization must begin at the scene (in this case, in the pool, sea, or river).

As a result, practice with the coast guards took place today.

Topics covered in the practice include:

* A few methods for removing a patient from water who may have suffered cranio-cervical trauma or injury to the spine and vertebral column.

* Prevention of marine accidents and drownings.

* Ways for the coast guard (a first aid professional) to enter the water in order to rescue a drowning person.

* Rescue operations for the victim at sea.

* Methods for getting the sufferer to land.

* How to get the victim from the water to land?

* Perform basic life saving techniques (BLS),when the person is unconscious.


We appreciate everyone who participated and took the initiative to learn how to assist someone in need..

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