A  special  edition  of  the  13th  Congress of  Education, Health, and Human Movement was held  in  the  Romanian  capital  of   Bucharest  from  June 15–17, 2023, as  part  of the festivities marking  the  anniversary of  the founding  of  the  National  University of  Physical  Education and  Sports of  Bucharest.

The  SUT  Rector, Prof. Dr. Agron Kasa, and  the  Director of  the Scientific  Research  Institute  of Sport, Prof. Asc. Dr. Arben Kaçurri, who were also members of the International Scientific Board of  this conference, participated  in  this  significant  academic  and  scientific activity.

The partnership agreement between  the  Sports  University of Tirana and the National University of  Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest was signed and renewed by the two rectors over  the course of  this congress.

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